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Regular 18 Holes

(includes green fee and shared cart fee)
• $57 Monday – Thursday
• $67 Friday
• $77 Sat, Sun, and holidays

Seniors (59+); Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Active-Duty Military
• $47 Monday – Thursday
• N/A Fri, Sat, Sun, and holidays

Juniors (17 years and under)
• $20 Monday – Friday
• $25 Sat, Sun, and holidays

Rider Fee (subject to cart availability)

• $20 Monday – Thursday
• UNAVAILABLE on Fri, Sat, Sun and Holidays

24-hour cancellation policy in effect before 1 pm Friday, Weekends, and Holidays, including a $20 per person no-show fee.

Apple Mountain Golf Resort realizes that there are many things that can come up in people’s day to day lives. While truly sympathetic, the resort cannot continue to absorb the financial responsibility of players not showing up for booked tee times.


Course Layout

(click on a hole to see video fly over)
Hole #1

#1 – GoldSeeker

Par 4 – Hdcp 5 – 331 – 418 yds: Downhill off the tee. Ideal tee shot should be 190-200 yds played to the right of the 150 yd post. There is water left of the green, so try to keep your approach short of the hole. Green slopes from back to front.
Hole #2

#2 – Strike It Rich

Par 3 – Hdcp 17 – 78-154 yds: Downhill par 3, plays one club shorter than the actual yardage. The green is split down the middle with the high side on the right, low side on the left. A shot to the middle will funnel downhill to the left side.
Hole #2

#3 – Fade Away

Par 4 – Hdcp 7 – 278-382 yds: Ideal tee shot plays 210-230 yds to the flat landing area at the top of the hill; however, the green can be seen from the 150 yard post. The high point on the green runs down the middle, front to back.
Hole #1

#4 – Cockeye’s Cabin

Par 3 –  Hdcp 15 – 109-170 yds: Difficult green, front 3rd of the green, ball will funnel to the left. High point is on the right. There is a bowl/pocket in the back center of the green. Good luck with any downhill putts.
Hole #2

#5 – Eternity

Par 5 – Hdcp 3 – 413-571 yds: A true three shot, double dogleg par 5. Tee shot of 180-200 yards is ideal. Best to keep your second shot simple, a 200 yard shot played just to the right of the 150 pole is preferred. Uphill shot to the green plays one club longer.
Hole #2

#6 – On the Rocks

Par 4 – Hdcp 1 – 345-449 yds: Fairway slopes left to right, 150 yard pole is a good target. Second shot is all uphill, plays at least one club longer than the yardage. Missing the green to the left is better than missing it to the right.
Hole #1

#7 – Dogwood Lane

Par 3 – Hdcp 11 – 122-200 yds: Right of the green will kick the ball left, back half of the green slopes left. There is no reason to play a shot left of the center of the green. Left of the green is nothing but trouble.
Hole #2

#8 – Ante Up

Par 4 – Hdcp – 13 – 299-356 yds: Play this hole backwards, identify the yardage you want left into the green to pick your club off the tee. 200 yards off the tee leaves 120-130 yds to the green. Keep in mind your second shot will be uphill.
Hole #2

#9 – Pony Express

Par 5 – Hdcp – 9 – 423-552 yds: “Let the BIG DOG EAT” this hole can easily be reached in two. The problem is you can be playing from a downhill lie to an uphill green. If you can’t reach it, it would be better to leave yourself a 100-120 yd 3rd shot.
Hole #11

#10 – Motherlode

Par 4 – Hdcp 12 – 214-330 yds: Don’t let the yardage fool you. This hole plays tough. Tee shot must favor the right side (left can block you out). The green plays like an upside down saucer with the high point in the middle. Hard to get close to the hole.
Hole #11

#11 – Dealer’s Choice

Par 4 – Hdcp 4 – 273-378 yds: Fairway slopes right to left, ideal tee shot would be played 180-190 yds slightly right of the 150 pole. Second shot plays about a half club farther than the actual yardage.
Hole #11

#12 – Double Down

Par 4 – Hdcp 2 – 303-418 yds: Tee shot of 220-240 yds, played slightly right of the 150 pole is ideal. The green has a severe high / low point and sharp front to back. Right side is high, left side is low, center shots will funnel to the left.
Hole #11

#13 – Hope

Par 3 – Hdcp 10 – 115-190 yds: Right side is a sucker pin, it can be reached if you take an extra club. Safe play is middle or left. Short of the green, everything kicks hard right. When in doubt play left.
Hole #11

#14 – Up and Away

Par 4 – Hdcp 14 – 240 – 340 yds: This hole is a dogleg right, but don’t be fooled into thinking you need to cut the corner – it’s a trap! The smart play is 220 – 240 yds over or just slightly right of the 150 yard pole. Second shot is uphill.
Hole #11

#15 – Whiskey Bowl

Par 3 – Hdcp 18 – 70-122 yds: Green slopes right to left, left of the green is bad news. Right of the hole is the safe play.
Hole #11

#16 – Mine Shaft

Par 5 – Hdcp 8 – 371-508 yds: Dogleg left, but don’t play your tee shot left of center. Can be easily reached in two, but your second shot might be played from a downhill lie. Area around the green slopes right to left. Aim right of the flag.
Hole #11

#17 – Crystal View

Par 3 – Hdcp 16 – 85-169 yds: Elevated tee, plays a half club shorter than the actual yardage. High point of the green is in the center running right to left. Aim at a back left pin, aim right and let the ball funnel to it.
Hole #11

#18 – Gamble Creek

Par 5 – Hdcp 6 – 362-495 yds: “Let the BIG DOG EAT”, easily reached in two. IF you can’t reach it on your second shot, the best way home is to leave yourself a 140 yard shot to the green. You can get closer, but it will be a downhill lie shooting uphill.



Apple Mountain offers a variety of membership packages to suit your specific needs. Whether you are looking solely for access to our member tournaments, or added value for frequent play, one of our member packages will deliver.For more information please call us at (530) 647-7400 or email us.


Individual $3000

Includes virtually unlimited access to the golf course and practice facilities without green fees* or practice ball charges.
Club at Apple Mountain/NCGA membership included.


Individual $629
Couple $949

Significant discounts on green fees and annual range passes. Green fees for Gold members are $25 weekdays and $30* weekends and holidays.
Club at Apple Mountain/NCGA membership included.


* Membership rates for weekend/holiday play during peak season (May through October) apply before 8:00 AM or after 12:00 PM.

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